Recruitment Methodology

We believe in selecting the best of the best in order to meet our clients’ expectations.



CAREERIST Management Consultants

Employs a systematic and detailed process of recruitment which comprises of various stages.

  • IDENTIFICATION: The client’s need with regard to their present business, culture, environment, organizational structure and future growth plans will be identified.

  • MAPPING: All requirement-specific competencies, such as designation, principal accountabilities, KRAs, experience, qualification, reporting structure, compensation, preferred target companies and industries are mapped.

  • SEARCH TARGET PLAN: Aligning with the orientation, our operation team will devise a search strategy to effectively target the desired candidates.

  • INDUSTRY/ORGANIZATION: A target list of suitable industries and organizations from where the right candidates can be sourced is created.

  • CANDIDATE ANALYSIS: Once the list of target industries or organizations is agreed upon, our sources and networks are utilized to prepare an initial candidate list.

  • CANDIDATE SHORTLIST: After mapping, a primary list of target candidates is compiled.

  • EVALUATION: Once the first shortlist is cleared by the client, the candidates are contacted to apprise them of the opportunity and check their interest in the position.  

  • EVALUATION PARAMETERS & PROCESS: The suitability of the candidates with respect to the job profile is analysed based on various skills such as;

  • Technical

  • Financial

  • Cultural Suitability

  • Organizational Value System

  • Soft Skills

  • INTERVIEWS: The detailed resumes and evaluation summaries of the short-listed candidates is sent to the client in order to facilitate the interview process.

  • REFERENCE CHECK: A thorough reference check on the candidate the client wishes to hire is conducted. The list of references will be shared with the client in advance.

  • POST JOINING FOLLOW-UP: For at least 3 months in order to ensure a smooth transition.



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