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The trade and business have crossed borders, not just sate or national but international borders too. The human reach has widened. Once the domestic market saturates, business turn to international markets to sell of their goods and services. Every big corporation has international presence with offices located in different parts of the world. Amidst all this, the need to tap the best human resource becomes a major challenge for any company. There, comes the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in to the picture. Also, widely known as the staffing services, many companies look out for their professional and efficient recruitment services.

RPO in India has turned out to be one of the most demanding services in the recent past with increasing completion across various industry sectors. Careerist Management Consultants is one such company offering staffing services in India. One of the several services provided by these specialist recruitment consultants to their clients is the Advertisement Search.

Careerist Advertisement Search Service includes: -

  • Understanding the job description & requirement of profile of vacant positions through discussion with HRS representative & the hiring managers.
  • Suggestion on proper media selection.
  • Designing of the Advertisement and placement.
  • Approval of artwork from the hiring manager
  • Screening of CVs based on job specification, from the pool created through advertisement response based on qualification, relevance of experience or any other criteria.
  • Short listed candidate will be contacted, apprised of the opportunity and their interest in the position will be obtained. During the telephonic conversation, the consultancy will evaluate their communicational skills & determining a profile match with the requirement.
  • Second Shortlist: Based on the telephonic screening of the candidates, second shortlist of the candidates will be drawn, met (if possible and relevant) and further evaluated.
  • Interview Scheduling: For short listed candidates, Careerist professionals will line up interview with the clients as per the available schedules.
  • Reference check: They’ll conduct a detailed reference check on the candidate you wish to hire. The list of referees will be shared with the client in advance.
  • Post joining follow-up for at least 3 months to ensure smooth transition.
  • Maintain database of applied candidates for future reference, and electronic format (CD/DVD) is provided to the organisation for the same.

RPO in India is a booming business opportunity. The only criteria is to offer the most efficient and industry-centric staffing services to India’s corporate houses.


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