Banking, Financial Services and Insurance(BFSI)

Globalization has played its part in bringing both large and small economies of the world under one umbrella. In the modern day business scenario, no country can walk the path in isolation. The exchange of goods and services has become inevitable for any nation, irrespective of its positioning in terms of economic development. The Multinational Corporations (MNCs) have made their presence felt globally in many important sectors. The major challenge is to have a pool of skilled human resource to get these global companies flourish. Human Resource Agencies come into the picture here.

These specialized agencies provide recruitment support to big business houses. Companies, basically outsource their recruitment service to such agencies which can help them get the best talent in the market. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in India is of critical importance to meet the big companies’ recruitment needs. One vital sector where these agencies play a significant role is the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector.

The global Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector has grown manifold. Many companies in the sector are constantly increasing their investments in order to gain more profits, introduce new products and services, manage regulatory changes and meet the growing demands of customers. The steady growth in the Indian economy, accompanied with Liberalization policy, revived the overall banking sector of the country in the last two decades. Under these circumstances, manpower solution for this sector has become challenging.

Unlike couple of decades back, people today, don’t settle for the mediocre services from banks or insurance companies. With many big players stepping in every few years to grab even a little portion of the business demand and increase their market cap, the race to stay on the top has become ever more fierce and nerve-wrecking. To get the best, they need to give the best. And to give the best, these financial institutions require top class human resource. And they are willing to invest a good amount to get the best RPO in India.

Careerist is amongst the top most human resource agencies in the country that assists its clients in dealing with staffing challenges in various financial domains. As an active and reliable recruitment partner, we can provide manpower solutions for core banking, sales, marketing and operations. Our highly equipped team can help our clients to overcome staffing challenges across diverse sectors, such as retail and corporate banking, capital markets, asset management, insurance, investment banking, private equity, broking and many more. We are really proud of our esteemed existing clientele and are looking forward to work with many more companies out there who are looking for quality human resource recruitment services.

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