Retail & Consumer Products

India is a developing nation and its growth story has been known to the world. The domestic market holds great potential for even the foreign players to step in and explore the business opportunities here. The propensity to consume has increased significantly amongst the Indian population over the past decade and people consume more than ever. Consumer goods market holds great potential for both domestic as well as foreign players to establish themselves through proper production and marketing channels. The government policies and economic reforms also favor massive investment in this sector and every big company is eying to grab the share of pie in this promising sector.

A dynamic environment, new challenges and a world of opportunities have fuelled the exponential growth of retail and consumer product companies in India in the last few years.  While the consumer industry is the 12th largest industry, retail stands in the 5th position. Besides, with several retail giants targeting the potential market in India, almost every product is now channeled through an organized retailing system. Therefore, there is a growing demand for skilled labor at every level. Main requirement by this sector comprises of the managerial level openings as they spearhead the rest of operations which make them an inevitable staff. Highly experienced management consultants are hired by the Retail and Consumer products companies in good numbers. They are responsible for all the strategic business decisions that would result in expanding the market base of the Consumer durable or Retail brand.


We, at Careerist Management Consultants, have been assisting clients in accessing the best talent pool for this growing sector. Our in-depth understanding of the current state of sales force, the need for talent management and the diversity within the CPG industry gives us an edge to serve the clients better by giving them an access to a large base of candidates. The management consultants at Careerist understand the individual requirements of the client and deliver personalized management solutions for the same. We constantly look forward to give our best and increase our clientele with each passing day.

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