Power & Energy

Globalization has lead to shrinking of the globe where the distance has been shortened drastically over the last couple of decade. Now, businesses talk about the global market and not the traditional domestic market for their goods and services. No matter what the area of work is, the emergence of foreign players has brought fresh perspective to the running of business organizations. Every now and then, all the industries undergo various major reforms to keep themselves updated with global and advanced style of operations. And the important element of these reforms is the skilled manpower that has to adopt and adapt in accordance with the demands of the industry. To provide such skilled labor force across the globe would be the significant role of any Global HR Company. Power and energy sector is in great demand for the same globally.

Energy sector is directly associated with a country’s prosperity and development. Especially, a sturdy two-way relationship between energy consumption and economic prosperity has already been established. Since the early nineties, our country’s power sector has been undergoing reforms.  The energy intensity of our country is around twice than that of the developed economies and also emerging economies. The country has also made significant achievements in the augmentation of its power infrastructure. To make sure that this sector gets the steady flow of proficient man power is the ambition of Careerist, a Global HR firm.

With the growth rate in energy sector spiraling upward, there is a consistent rise in the demand for skilled human resources in the industry. Riding on its years of hands-on experience and in-depth industry knowledge, Careerist team is competent enough at meeting this ever-growing need. Understanding the significance of RPO in India, we have developed a work structure which ensures that our client gets what is required. Careerist is proud of being a leading Global HR company with an esteemed clientele comprising of both domestic as well as international clients. There’s no dearth of global HR firms but to have the best which can put in its heart and soul to meet client’s satisfaction is the tough nut to crack. You can be sure of effective and efficient HR services when working with the Careerist team.


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