Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)

The core strength of any big business group (multinational companies) is its employee base. To have the right person on the right job has become inevitable for any company’s growth or even survival in the market, considering the ever growing competition in any sector. Speaking this, it all comes down to the company’s hiring department or what we famously known as the HR department. The development and maintenance of the human resource of any business has become very critical these days.

Now the company can either invest on having its own HR-recruitment department, which is the conventional method. But today, there’s an efficient alternative to this – the Human Resource Agencies. The companies basically outsource their recruitment work to these Human Resource Agencies who does recruitment on their behalf. These are also known as Placement Consultancies and one can choose from many such agencies offering placement consultancy in India. After great success in the BPO sector, these agencies are now getting into other important markets as well. One is the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector.

FMCG sector mainly deals in the production, distribution and also the marketing of various consumer-packaged commodities. The ever-increasing population trend, along with a sharp rise in GDP, which has ultimately resulted in a higher consumer disposable income, defines the phenomenal growth of the sector. More importantly, this sector was the one that remained resilient during the slowdown witnessed by the global economy. It highlights the reason behind its ubiquitous presence in the recent years, thus increasing the demand for hiring smart and talented professionals. And this further leads to the ever growing importance and need for agencies that can offer quality placement consultancy in India to various big business houses across the country.

Careerist, with its 24-year-long experience in recruitment industry, has excelled in catering to individual needs of clients. While our highly qualified HR team is relentlessly rendering its services to our existing clients, our business development team is striving to enhance our client base for the growing fresh talent pool. We enable our clients to feel a great sense of satisfaction with our value-based business offerings. Work with Careerist and you’ll feel for sure that you are working with one of the best Placement Agencies in Delhi.

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