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Industry Snapshot

With a total market size of more than USD 13.1 billion, the Indian FMCG sector is currently the fourth largest sector in the economy.  With the current growth, the market is estimated to touch USD 74 billion by next year. Food products, is evidently the leading segment among all others, accounting for a colossal 43 percent overall size of the market. With the rising consumer income and expenditure over the recent years, the FMCG sector in India has enjoyed an exceptional rate of growth since the last decade.

Quite interestingly, the food market has been highly fragmented and shares its revenues almost up to 50 percent with unbranded, unpackaged homemade products. This can highly act to our advantage as it provides us with a huge uncatered market and branded product manufacturers can turn these consumers into loyal users of their products.

Domains Served:

  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • White Goods and Consumer electronics
  • Food and Beverage

Our Functional Expertise:

  • Sales–Channel,Distribution,Key Accounts,Corporate,Institutional,Industrial
  • Marketing,Trade Marketing,Direct Marketing
  • SCM and Procurement
  • Warehousing,Logistics
  • Research and Development
  • Brand Management/Campaign Planning
  • Design and Planning
  • Business Excellence