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Management Team

The ‘flattening’ of the world, as the world-class writer Thomas L. Friedman discusses in his book on globalisation (The World Is Flat) is what the first quarter of the 21st Century will always be remembered for. Rightly so, the emergence of MNCs all over the globe is a classic example of the ever shrinking globe. With this, comes along the ever increasing demand of skilled human resource which can help any business flourish in any part of the world. And to tap the best of professionals from the local pool of human resource, these business houses require best recruitment solutions.

Now there are two options – One, to have self-run HR department which will be responsible for the entire recruitment process and two, outsource the recruitment services to the agencies (companies) specialising in the same. Many companies are going for the latter as that can put them face to face with both quality and quantity recruitment because that’s what they only do, full time. This puts them in a better position to offer best recruitment solutions as compared with the traditional model of companies having their own HR wing.

On the other side, there’s a humongous pool of skilled professionals who are always in search for the right job opportunity. Now, there a big probability that they can’t reach out to the companies for jobs directly unless they get lucky enough to get a call from the companies’ personal recruitment department. We all know the chances are very bleak. They, therefore, reach out to the top job consultants in India which can help get them to the right place depending upon their area of work. These job consultants bridge the gap between the company and the available pool of professionals suitable for that specific industry. Careerist Management Consultants is one such recruitment service provider in India, which established in 1986, have made a mark in the RPO business. Have a glimpse at the team of professional who have made Careerist the best in this segment.

Simi Makar

Simi Makar is the co-founder of Careerist Management Consultants. Simi is exceptionally dedicated and passionate about her work and started her career at the young age of 19. A psychology graduate from Jesus and Mary College (Delhi University) and a Post Graduate from IMI, she is known to be an excellent recruitment partner who understands business requirements well and delivers results consistently. She has more than 31 years of experience in recruitment & counseling in cross industry, new-emerging businesses, start-up projects across all industry sectors at the middle and senior levels. She has served consumer products & retail, FMCG, Telecom & IT Solutions, Hospitality & Services, and Pharmaceutical & Healthcare.

Simi knows her market inside out and has an excellent rapport with her clients and simultaneously, she has the ability to connect with the right candidates

Vimmi Makar

Known for her excellent organizational capabilities and networking skills, Vimmi, along with her sister, has fulfilled her dream of establishing a cutting-edge manpower recruitment company. A post-graduate in Marketing after graduating from Delhi University, Vimmi is a straightforward business woman, who values integrity and displays sound work ethics. Her everlasting zeal to see Careerist at the top has helped her make innumerable contributions to the business development plans of the company.

Vimmi is a thorough professional and has maintained her focus on service excellence throughout the last three decades, when she began her career. Right from understanding clients’ expectations properly to anticipating their upcoming needs – through her proactive attitude, she always makes sure that Careerist becomes a ‘partner of choice’ for her clients. Her ability to connect with people as well as establish relations is par excellence. As an individual, she is full of energy, enthusiasm and a highly optimistic attitude, which can leave a lasting impression among all, including clients, candidates, friends and her team.