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Medical device and Diagnostics

Industry Snapshot

Approximately worth USD 5.5 billion, the Indian medical devices sector is currently growing at 15% CAGR. The medical device market is primarily ruled by imported products that accounts for almost 75% of the total sales in the sector. Sadly, domestic companies are more or less involved in manufacturing low-end products for local as well as global consumption.

MNC’s are steadily seeking to establish local presence either by acquiring already instituted domestic companies or by building their own. Considering the immense potential and scope that the EPC sector has, it is thus, becoming increasingly competitive in nature. Hence, to make a remarkable impact in the global market, it  has now become indispensable to instil innovation, make necessary amendments in costing, and offer improved clinical benefits and unconventional product delivery.

Careerist Edge:

We offer our novel services to clients ranging from multinationals to start-ups that includes Class I, II, and III medical devices; surgical instruments; and a full range of diagnostic tests and equipment.

We have expert consultants with deep industry roots and strong relationships with the world’s leading medical devices organisations. We guide them in identifying the best talent in the industry and at the same time, focus on constant growth of the leaders and reward them through proven absolute solutions that exceeds standard expectations.

Domains Served:

  • Medical/Surgical Devices
  • Medical & Healthcare equipment
  • Laboratory instruments and high-precision instruments
  • Consumables

Functional Expertise:

  • Quality Manager
  • Associate Director–Medical Devices
  • Business Development Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Product Specialist
  • Project Head
  • Medical Advisors
  • Service Advisors