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Industry Snapshot

The Education sector in India stands today at a crucial stage in its growth radar. India always had an advantage in terms of its demography. With a massive young population coupled with low gross enrolment ratios, the country presents enormous opportunity for the players of this market.

The concurrent growth of the Indian economy and steady growth in income levels is boosting the amount of money spent on education, corroborated with the statistics that reveals second highest share of wallet coming from middle-class households.

Domains served:

  • University and Executive Schools
  • Vocational and Skill Development
  • Educational Institutes
  • Training Institutes

Our Functional Expertise:

  • Business Head
  • Dean/Principal
  • Department Head
  • Admissions
  • Campus Development
  • Student Relation
  • Business development

Media and Advertising

Industry Snapshot

The highly demanding and quick changing environment of advertising, marketing and corporate communications has even a higher appetite for recruitment concerning media and advertising companies that is well perceived by us.

We pride ourselves in being amongst the specialists holding advertising recruiters experts from this industry.  We have distinguished team support that includes veterans belonging to top national media and advertising agencies. Being a part of the Advertising Recruitment Services, we possess the required experience in supporting the needs of the Corporate to acquire the best of teams. We also assist the best talent in building strategic career moves in these challenging fields or any other industry sector.

Domains Served:

  • Broadcasting
  • Publishing
  • Media services and Advertising
  • Creative and content
  • Distribution
  • Theatrical Studios
  • Entertainment Complexes
  • Digital and Convergence

Our Functional Expertise:

  • Creative
  • Production
  • Content Management
  • Editorial
  • Digital Technology