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Why Choose Us

Full service recruitment

Careerist is a full service company offering end to end solutions in recruiting. Whatever be the needs of the client, Careerist’s endeavour is to work as a strategic staffing partner and the client’s Brand Ambassador with an empathetic & personalised approach. Careerist specialises in recruiting beyond boundaries, sectors and the most unique demands. From startup hiring to diversity hiring, Careerist brings value to every engagement with sincerity & dedication.

Domain experience across sectors

With a deep domain knowledge, spanning across varied range of sectors, Careerist brings agility and vast technical depth to the recruiting process. Our Cross-Industry experience gives clients a unique experience of engaging with a company which understands the intricate needs of the sector.

Customer Centric model

The Customer is at the centre of our business. We align deep customer insights with communications and operational processes, to provide an enhanced experience. A process which starts from evaluation, diagnostic, analysis to performance.

Needle in a Haystack approach

The recruiting process is like finding a needle in the haystack, for some jobs and many companies. At Careerist, we understand that finding quality manpower is a function of skill, arts & science. There is also a great emphasis on sourcing quality candidates to fulfil key requirements. We take the pain out of the process and make it simple.

Ear to the Ground

Our philosophy of having an ear to the ground ensures that we enable companies to navigate uncharted territories ahead of time, thanks to our market intelligence & insight. Whether it was the I.T. sector genesis, or the telecom revolution, from the ITES/BPO boom to the retail food business, Careerist with its ear to the ground has enabled companies to get on top of the most exacting recruitment needs.